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REC100 Lenten Offering


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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We’re off to a great start and it’s time again for our Lenten Offering dedicated to REC100!

Last year we had our first Lenten Offering for REC100. This effort was part of the plan for funding 100 new REC missions. We’re asking Reformed Episcopalians to support the Lord’s work amongst us by ‘giving a hundred’. Adults are encouraged to donate $100 per year while children can also participate by giving a hundred coins or similar. If you remember, my predecessor, the Most Rev. Royal U. Grote, learned about this kind of approach from the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. They have been using their Advent offering for many years to raise the money necessary for their church planting.

The good news is that we raised over $104,000 in the REC in our first offering. This money is already being put to good use with several new church mission and congregation projects listed in this brochure. In the Diocese of Mid America they are using most of the $63,000 they raised to fund half of a fulltime stipend for two new missions, one of which is the first Hispanic mission in their diocese. We also have had a patron come forward who has generously committed to help fund the planting of a new mission in northwest Atlanta, Georgia.

So much is beginning to happen by way of positive, intentional growth. We need, however, the constant flow of financial support especially from our Lenten Offerings. So please keep it up. If every Reformed Episcopalian would give $100 per year we’d have nearly a half a million dollars each year to invest in new, domestic missions. Thanks for your help!

In Christ,
The Most Rev. Ray R. Sutton, Ph.D.
Presiding Bishop

Individual Offerings should be made to directly to your local REC parish during Lent and marked for "REC100". Your parish treasurer will submit the entire parish offering to REC100 following Easter. If you would like to make a special donation beyond the Lenten Offering or you do not have an REC parish, please visit our REC100 Donation Page.


A Pastoral Letter 2018



On behalf of all the Bishops of the Reformed Episcopal Churches, we bring you greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We write to commend an important teaching document produced by us, Understanding the Declaration of Principles in the 21st Century. The need for this work results from the significant growth of our part of the Lord’s Church over the last century or so. In particular, much has happened during this long period which reflects how the Holy Spirit has led our understanding of the Declaration of Principles.

Over the years our mission and growth have necessitated many changes. Constitutions and Canons have been updated, liturgical provision has been revised, and our engagements with other Christians (most recently within the GAFCON movement) have required us to express our faith in present-day terms. In all of this our intention, and that of our predecessors, has been to ensure that the substance of the faith is kept entire, though some of the language we use may differ from age to age.

In light of commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ, to the infallible Word of God Written, and to all our doctrinal statements, we therefore provide the teaching, Understanding the Declaration of Principles in the 21st Century. We hope that this instruction will further us in the classical Anglican heritage that we represent. Bishop Cummins called this legacy “The Old Paths . . . with unbroken succession through the Church of England, with the Church of Christ from the earliest Christian era.”

It is our earnest desire that the instruction by the Bishops of your church would be prayerfully considered and received. Out of pastoral love we present this teaching for the Glory of God and for the edification of all Reformed Episcopalians and those who seek to understand us better. To these ends, we trust our Lord to continue His blessing on this faithful portion of His Church.

Sincerely in Christ,

The Most Rev. Ray R. Sutton, Ph.D. Presiding Bishop, North America
The Most Rev. John Fenwick, D.D. Primus, The Free Church of England

Feast of St Augustine of Hippo 28th August 2018

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